It has been said time and time again, “Print is dead.” However, the opposite is true.

Despite the onslaught of marketing strategists who portion a great deal of their plan and budget toward digital and online campaigns, a plan that leverages print catalogs, brochures, and direct mail can help a brand increase its visibility. Print does take extra time to manage, produce, and deliver, but investing in an experienced print management partner makes all the difference.

Negotiating the Best Price

Relationships with a network of reliable vendors will make or break any print project. Having a great final product is important, but you also want it to come in under budget. It is best practice to request quotes from three different vendors. A good printing partner will recommend stock, coatings, and printing methods to help you deliver a premium product at a fair price.

Getting It Done on Time

Scheduling the project is where many timelines go awry. It is important to understand the timing involved with creating print files, proofing turnarounds, production time, press checking, and logistics.   Underestimating time and shortcutting any of these crucial steps will adversely impact your final project.

Using Our Experience

Knowing certain tricks of the print trade can drastically reduce costs and improve the likelihood of meeting your deadline. Let me give you two quick examples. Exchanging a premium stock for a house stock could determine if you come in under budget or miss a delivery date for a trade show event.
And during a press check, it is valuable to understand when and how to adjust ink densities, check registration, and verify paper specifications.

Whether the project is an 8.5″ x 11″ flyer or a 2,000-page catalog, Branch has the network of web, sheet-fed, and digital printers to handle any type of printing project. We will be happy to quote, coordinate, schedule, and press check your print projects. Contact us today!

By Marcus Grando

Marcus has 30+ years of client service and marketing experience and was previously a managing partner at a local agency for more than five years. He has an extensive background in B2B marketing, printing/mailing, and project management for technology, manufacturing, and distribution industries.