Occasionally, Branch Creative Group will publish a post from one of our founders, Steve Fleishauer. We will call the series, “Steve’s Note.” This is our first, second one is in the works.

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Branch Creative Group specializes in building print and digital publications. Our team has created large publications with page counts ranging in the thousands in over 13 languages for some of the world’s most sophisticated sellers, including Kennametal, Wesco, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Black Box, and Grainger. 

It goes without saying: All businesses, from large industrial suppliers to small distributors, should possess a means to sell online. The habits of the consumer – including business customers – expect to browse and to buy on a digital interface. A well-designed digital catalog makes your products instantly searchable and accessible to your customers. 

When a customer accesses your online channels, you essentially walk down the aisle of a store with him or her. You possess the ability to read preferences without asking. Once preferences are discerned, you can transport the customer instantly to sophisticated graphics depicting the product, with searchable attributes. 

By observing the customer’s overall journey, a well-designed digital publication works with basic algorithms/AI to make complementary product recommendations (CPR) for purchase. When properly built, an online experience creates a near magical symbiosis between seller and buyer. 

Data forms the bricks and mortar that Branch Creative Group uses to build your site. Proper architecture requires not only technical expertise, but discernment, judgment, and even a bit of wisdom. 

Formulating a winning print or digital game plan for your company requires, first, an understanding of your business, your place in the market, and your marketing strategy. We therefore begin the design phase by interviewing product managers, engineers, and sales teams to identify the relevant content necessary to enhance the user experience. We then analyze market trends and competitors. 

For both print and digital publications, we integrate data seamlessly into the design process to create visually appealing and user-friendly catalog/reference guide templates. 

We burrow in on each project, gathering product information, images, and specifications, at each step ensuring data accuracy and reliability. We utilize analytics tools to track user behavior and preferences, balancing quantitative data with qualitative insights. Most often, we can input and maintain your product data in your own PIM/MDM instance. 

The technical element of design involves intellectual property, and we have built a world-class repertoire of internal processes, and external licensure, to move adroitly on your behalf. 

It is a classic example of economies of scale: We bring the production resources so our clients can focus on their growth strategies. 

Our designers know how to use data-driven design elements to enhance user experience. They have years of professional experience working with some of the largest companies sitting in the Fortune 1,000 ranks. This allows us to maintain brand consistency throughout all content. 

Ultimately, a well-designed publication is the result of collaboration. We work closely with your marketing team, product management, engineering, and MDM database teams to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of pagination, content, and revisions. 

Prior to launch, cross-functional teams coordinate project review and connect with in-country translation reviewers. We follow best practices for language versioning. 

After the catalog is finalized, we provide ongoing maintenance and updates based on evolving data. Being diligent in updates ensures accuracy, removes outdated items, and optimizes search functionality. 

The internet is your storefront to the world and Branch Creative Group is honored to collaborate with you to build your online presence.