Marketing during tough times can be tough, but BCG’s managers and employees have been through a quarter century of economic cycles with our clients. Things are always going up or down. We have learned to take advantage of cyclical trends by never being stagnant.

In any race, leads can be gained when others are slowing down or dropping out. We have had clients emerge from a downturn with significantly greater market shares. Their competitors had chosen to wait out the economy in cocoon-mode. Our clients went on the attack.

Let’s just say it worked. How can tough economic times be a marketing opportunity?

It is not too complicated, really. The best time to hawk your wares is when everyone else is hiding. Marketing is partly a matter of standing out. And it is easier to stand when everyone else is sitting down.

There is not a name for this marketing strategy. But there should be. Maybe it should be called The Branch Creative Group Way. That has a ring to it.

The economics of a downturn sometimes include cutbacks. Marketing and sales, unfortunately, are often the first line items in a budget that get cut.

BCG can help there, as well. When we started this company, we selected the name “Branch” because we wanted our clients to see us as a branch to their tree. We have organized ourselves and selected employees to provide expertise first, but also comfort and accessibility.

We are your marketing branch, down the hall from your executive offices, near the coffee machine and the water fountain.

You’re not going to focus on marketing in January and February? Well, then no need to pay us. Big project in March and April? We’re there, and we hit the ground running, from proposal to quote to completion, at competitive rates.

By economies of scale, BCG can absorb the fixed costs and infrastructure that your business would have to reach into their own pockets to spend. That’s on us, and we are happy to do it for you.

If your company goes into full on project-mode during an economic downturn, BCG is your best choice.

As always, we appreciate your confidence to let us walk through the peaks and valleys with you. When you succeed, we succeed. We are your branch. Thank you for everything!