As businesses around the world were winding down and reducing business activity, Branch Creative was implementing the final touches to establish themselves as a leading design agency to support businesses in Pittsburgh, throughout the United States, and globally in late February 2020.

Have you met us yet?

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Branch Creative Group.  Our trio includes co-partners Steve Fleishauer and Marcus Grando, who have over 50 years of combined and proven experience in publishing, creative design, interactive marketing, content development, and customer service. Tom Farnan, our legal advisor, has an impressive background of 25+ years in small business development.

You may be thinking, “Hooray, another marketing agency.” 🙄 Or “Hooray, ANOTHER MARKETING AGENCY!” 🎉

Well, if you’re reading this far, you just might be looking for an option to your current marketing agency.  We think our client service values and associate approach are different, and so does our network of vendors, creative professionals, and valued clientele.

“Their creativity and ability to impact my business is first-rate, and I would recommend them to anyone.”
Alexis – Snavely Forest Products

“I can always count on high-quality work, quick turnarounds at affordable prices, and the professionalism and integrity they demonstrate is unmatched!”
Kymberly – Kennametal Inc.

“Their professionalism and integrity are unmeasured, and I would recommend Branch Creative Group to any organization!”
Steve – Heeter

So, what makes us so unique.

What makes us unique is our business philosophy.  We believe we create opportunities and manage our resources for the benefit of others out of gratitude to God.  All our founders believe that clients should receive excellent service.  We are convinced entrepreneurs should enjoy the fruits of our labor, but so should our team and the communities in which we live.

We know that we can genuinely apply this mindset firm-wide because we’ve already demonstrated these values in the capacity as managers and our personal lives.  Our vision is to entrust our team by empowering them to create their own business line to manage and grow.  We believe our professionals are talented and have integrity, so micromanagement is not necessary.  Our team is valued and essential to our success; we do not view them as indispensable or a cog in the wheel.

Let’s get together.

To learn more, please visit our website or visit LinkedIn to connect with Steve or Marcus to learn more about us and how we can partner together.  We look forward to getting to know you.