Video content is an essential part of any powerful marketing strategy, and using a professional video production service can make your organization stand out from the crowd. Call in the pros to gain these three key advantages.

The average American spends 11 hours per day interacting with different media formats, particularly social media.
And what engages consumers most? Video content.

If you want to make a splash in your next marketing campaign, using video is the way to go. But attempting to create your own video could get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. Here are three benefits of hiring a professional video production team so you’re known for the right reasons.

Outside Perspective

When you bring in the professionals for your video marketing, you suddenly gain a creative advantage. They come from a fresh perspective and can offer effective, attention-grabbing ideas and options you probably haven’t considered.

After all, creating compelling video content is what they do every day!

Technical Expertise

Ever try to do something with new technology and get frustrated by the learning curve, or by the time it takes to get the job done? Maybe you’ve learned how to produce videos on your own that have passing quality. But why settle for just a passing grade when you can instead wow your audience with best-in-class videos — and provide them more frequently, too?

Video production professionals have expertise with a wide range of studio technologies, plus they are skilled at script writing and editing. From pre-production to post-production, their know-how enables them to create video content that audiences crave to deliver the bottom-line results you desire. In addition, they can do all of this quickly.

Production Quality

Practically anyone can grab his or her cell phone and shoot a video. Social media platforms, as you know, are flooded with this kind of content. And don’t be fooled, users love it.

But your marketing’s video content needs top-notch production so your goods and services stand out from the competition. Even if you use humor in your video, its high production quality will show you’re serious about business. Furthermore, high production quality is what moves audiences to make purchasing decisions.

That’s a Wrap!

While so much content flashes before the eyes of consumers every day, Branch Creative Group produces professional, buzz-worthy videos that rise above the clutter and drive traffic to our clients’ sites. Count on our unmatched perspective, technical expertise, and production quality to help you accomplish your video marketing goals.

Contact us today to learn how Branch can make you a marketing star!

By Steve Fleishauer

Steve is co-founder of Branch Creative Group and is responsible for business development and client experience.  His past experience includes being a managing partner at a regional marketing agency, account representative, and a pressman.  He has a proven 25-year track record of practical business success and client satisfaction in marketing and printing.