Does your Marketing Firm Take your Sensitive Data Seriously?

Companies and nonprofits relying on outside marketing support often have sensitive data that must be kept secure yet shareable with their agencies.

But how safe is your organization’s data in the hands of an outside agency? Having a client liaison tell you “Trust us” isn’t good enough. You need proof the agency takes your data’s security seriously.

SOC It 2 Me

When looking for an agency or any support services firm that treats confidential information seriously, look for one that has passed a comprehensive, ever-ongoing SOC 2® audit.

SOC stands for System and Organization Controls. SOC 2 was established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA®) in 2012 to cover service organizations such as advertising and marketing agencies.

For an organization to be SOC 2 compliant, a thorough audit must cite it has robust controls in place regarding the availability to — and the security and processing of — confidential client data.

Once an organization achieves SOC 2 compliance, it cannot rest on its laurels. It must then pass an annual third-party audit that is even more rigorous to confirm its controls meet evolving standards.

The initial SOC 2 compliance demonstrates that an organization’s controls met the desired criteria at a certain point in time. The annual Type 2 audit, however, verifies that the organization’s controls continue to operate effectively and remain in compliance year after year.

Branch Creative Group’s Commitment to Data Security

Although Branch was established in 2020, our team’s combined years of experience and its expertise have already attracted clients from a multitude of industries who understand the critical nature of data security.

Branch and our IT services provider are committed to evaluating our clients’ data security requirements every year, analyzing the effects of any changes in those requirements, and then making updates to maintain our agency’s security protocols.

Whether you’re a start-up like us or an established manufacturer or distributor with a large database and business intelligence platform, Branch safeguards the receiving, storage, and handling of your confidential information as well as transmitting deliverables over your organization’s VPN.

If your current agency of record cannot provide you with the necessary third-party audit documentation, does your marketing firm take your sensitive data seriously?

By Steve Fleishauer

Steve was a managing partner at a local agency for more than three years and brings 25+ years of direct client engagement and business development experience to our organization. His personal mission is to fully understand the ever-changing needs of each unique client.