A Year in The Life

For many, 2020 was a horrible year. Hopefully, you and your loved ones emerged stronger and more determined to enjoy each day. For all of us, and not just at Branch, it was a creative year.

While yeast and toilet paper became hot items, and everyone had a case of Ramen on the shelf, we still found ways to entertain ourselves. For instance, we baked bread (and more bread), replaced attending sporting events with watching marble raceways, discovered a new love for “Dreams” and Ocean Spray® Cran-Raspberry® Juice, binge-watched Tiger King, and welcomed the birth of baby X Æ A-12. The cherry on top of 2020 was perhaps when Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve managed to close out the year without any actual rockin’ bands.

When we launched Branch Creative Group on February 20, 2020, we didn’t know the world would soon be turned upside-down. What we did know was that our experience and dedication to service offered businesses a better way to prosper and that we could make a positive difference in local communities.

But, we couldn’t have done it without you…

On our First Birthday, we’d first like to say thank you to all our clients who believed in our mission and made our first year an incredible success. The Branch team deeply appreciates your business and trust, and we look forward to helping you achieve your marketing goals for many years to come. We are truly blessed because of you.

…and you…

Speaking of the team, we are also very grateful for our associates’ know-how to provide clients with creative and effective writing, design, and digital solutions. Their level of technical understanding covers a wide variety of industries and a formidable array of software. Our success is also made possible by the team’s can-do culture, experience, and professionalism, which makes tackling challenges fun and brings out the best in everyone.

Branch has experienced rapid growth over the last four months, and we’ve added staff to support various large projects. Our new team members aren’t just the perfect fit for Branch; they’re chosen because they’re the right match for our clients, too.

…and you!

Our success is also measured by our ability to improve the lives of community members through the amazing organizations we support. Our team is closely involved with Washington City Mission, Light of Life Rescue Mission, Urban Impact, and many other wonderful organizations. These organizations enable us to contribute to the success of others as we succeed.

Cheers to The Next Year

Despite our first year being 2020, Branch Creative Group enjoyed success thanks to you: Our clients,
our team, and our local community organizations. We will rock our second year by helping companies meet their marketing goals by providing them with the best solutions and highest level of service.

Take notes, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve!