Wondering which application environments could benefit best from 3D product rendering? Check out our article to discover the answers!

What if a technology that could revolutionize your industry was already here and you didn’t know it?

3D product rendering is absolutely changing the marketing and development game for many companies around the world. Unfortunately, most companies don’t know much about what this product rendering is and the potential it has to offer.

What Is 3D Product Rendering?

Simply put, 3D product rendering is a process in which you (or a qualified creative team) use computer applications to create a high-fidelity, 3D illustration of a product. Once you have created the render, you and your team can study the product from a variety of angles while exploring different variations of that product.

By using this design capability, you could greatly transform your application environments.

Quickly Create Variations

You’re probably wondering what specific benefits this technology offers. To start, 3D renders can help your business explore variations of products or tools you design and manufacture.

Once you have a render in front of you, exploring different colors, different designs, and different materials is just a matter of clicking a button. This is quicker and much easier than manually altering images with software such as Photoshop®.

No Prototypes, No Problem

Another reason why many industries are embracing 3D product rendering is that it removes the need for a prototyping process. Typically, product development and prototyping are time-consuming, and they often can be frustrating.

But 3D product rendering effectively replaces both the product development and prototyping phases. It’s cost-effective and will save your business countless hours of work.

As an added bonus, you will no longer have to find storage space for all of your prototypes. Instead, all your 3D renders will fit on a single hard drive!

Create 3D Animation

So far, we have focused on the benefits of 3D rendered images. But you can also use these renders to create 3D animated videos.

Why should you create videos? The short answer is that they will help both your product development and your marketing.

In terms of product development, 3D animation is a great way to demonstrate how complex machinery and tools will actually work. Instead of staring at photographs and trying to imagine how components will operate, you and your team can just hit “Play” and know for certain.

With regard to sales and promotion, video marketing is the most effective way for you to bring products to life. By adding animated 3D renders to anything from direct commercials to video-based content marketing, you can make a greater impression on existing and potential clients.

Make Your Next Move

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By Steve Fleishauer

Steve is co-founder of Branch Creative Group. His professional background includes 25+ years of agency management, direct client engagement, and business development experience. His personal mission is to fully understand the ever-changing needs of each unique client.